GEA Africa - New Employee Video
(Company Induction Video)



 An induction video serves to introduce new employees to a company and its values.
This video was shot for GEA Africa and the emphasis was placed on welcoming staff members.
This video also indirectly introduces new employees to colleagues they will be working with, as well as emphasising the opportunities that are available to GEA employees,
whilst emphasising GEA’s company ethos.

Personal Experience:

 Whenever I shoot an induction video, I gain good insight into the company I will be working with.
Induction videos allow for a more intimate interview experience –
a company’s employees will share their personal experiences more readily when being interviewed for an induction video than for any other kind of video.
It’s an excellent way to gauge a company’s ethos and value system.

Technical Specifications:

 Two cameras were used for fluid editing, and three point lighting to effectively light the subjects


 GEA Africa

Equipment Used:

 Rode Lavelier MicrophoneZoom H4N, Ring light, two LED Video Lights, Canon 60D, Canon 50mm, Canon 6D; Tamron 15-30


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