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Fine art Photography is photography that is created in harmony with the vision of the artist as photographer. It stands as a representational photography that is literally a re-presentation of objective realities rather than subjective intent of the commercial. Where the prime focus and intention is only to create art for the sake of creation itself. "Detail" is an ongoing artistic project consisting of works from a variety of photographic styles and categories that are combined in experiment and made abstract to create and conjure something entirely new and different.

This project allows me artistic freedom and expression free from commercial structure and expectancy. It is, at the leading edge, firstly about the artist. It isn’t necessarily about what the camera captures, but rather what the artist has envisioned or seen. It is then captured using the camera as a tool or medium, to create the work of art. The camera is used to reveal the vision of the artist as a statement or to document a concept or idea through the lens.





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