VR Cargo - Mining Transport
Health and Safety (SHEQ) Video




Project Description

VR Cargo is a Chrome and Mining Minerals Transport Company, with operations concentrated in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces of South Africa and the Maputo Harbour in Mozambique.

This video highlights the health and safety procedures employees are required to adhere to at all times to ensure a safe working environment. A company code of conduct and health and safety policy is thoroughly explained for employees, visitors and contractors that enter the premises to ensure their complete safety.

VR Cargo uses remarkable trucks and are dedicated to maintaining them to ensure road safety. They have strict driving procedures for drivers, as well as full spectrum truck care protocols for pre-trip assessments, pulling-in, washing in the wash bay, refueling stations and oil stores.

Environment management systems are in place for the collection, handling, storing and transport of used oil. When employees are at the mine, they must comply with all mining rules and regulations.

Did you know?

The high-pressure washers used to clean the trucks can inflict serious physical trauma. Therefore, it’s vital that security instructions are followed when handling the device. If not handled correctly, the expelled liquid can tear human skin open in an instant, which could lead to infection if not treated. The apparatus can also lead to electric shock if misused. Since high-pressure washers are powered by gas, using it in confined spaces could lead to CO2 poisoning – it’s important to use it in an open area only.



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