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Architectural photography comprises of exterior and interior architectural photography. As an art form, the primary focus of architectural photography is to capture the form and design of a built structure. This category encompasses more than buildings or houses – any part of the built environment may be captured as architectural photography.

In architectural photography, the design of the structure is the primary focus. The choices made regarding lenses and lighting will accentuate the structure and the aspects of the design that the photographer chooses to focus on.






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Construction photography is similar to architectural photography, in that the built environment is a focal point; however, the primary focus falls on the construction site itself as well as the structure that is being built.

I have built a close business relationship with PERI Construction, and have photographed many of their sites throughout my career.






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Industrial photography primarily focuses on capturing industrial processes, equipment, interiors and exteriors. The industrial photographer will capture images for a variety of different reasons; employing different styles as required. Industrial processes may be documented in detail, requiring specialist equipment and approaches.depending on the subject matter at hand. The style employed by the industrial photographer when capturing industrial photos may range from clean and minimalistic, to more overt and artistic, depending on the needs of the client.

I have previously worked with GEA Africa, Thermo King, SASOL, SERCO and Wispeco Aluminium.






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Interior photography is a sub-category of architectural photography. The primary focus here is the design of an interior space; as such, capturing the structure and form of the space is of paramount importance. This category relies not only on natural and ambient lighting, but also on external sources of light. The interior architectural photographer must carefully add supplemental lighting sources so as not to overwhelm or wash out the subject.

In the case of interior architecture, the photographer is capturing the space within the structure itself; however, the design is still the primary focus. It is easy to confuse interior architectural photography with real-estate photography; however, real-estate photography showcases the space as a salable property, instead of as the subject of the photograph.






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Portrait photography is one of the most common and established forms of photography, and is a highly regarded skill to cultivate as a photographer. A portrait photograph captures a person or group of people, and there are many potential uses for a portrait photograph — from commemorating special occasions or events, to corporate portraits, to social media.






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Product photography is a style of commercial photography and is important to any business or brand as it is a visual form of speaking to the audience or consumer. Product photography can be a huge asset to the way you and your business develop and grow. As professionals we understand the demographics of photography. All the techniques and technical skills that come with the principles of design and how to market your brand in the most beneficial way.

Commercial photography is another term used to refer to marketing and advertising as it uses correct lighting, background, camera angles, focus and depth of field - amongst other technical procedures - to promote and sell a product or service. These pictures cover areas such as lifestyle, architecture, portraiture, product and/or food. The images are typically retouched after the shoot and edited to enhance the greater features of the product or service or even to cut and change minor flaws. The images (as final products) are then used on social media, digital and print advertisement as well as on the company’s website.






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Documenting real-life events to create a factual report on a specific subject, Documentary photography can be an emotional roller-coaster as the photographer captures all the emotion and storyline in camera. Documentary means that it occurs naturally, as in without a script. Documentary photography refers to a form of photography used to chronicle significant events, usually with a team of creatives, film-makers and technical support. It is typical that documentary photography be covered as part of professional photojournalism and real-life address.

Documentary is an important category of photography which uses the recording of history, drawing emotion and sharing truth to inspire change and growth. This is what makes photography one of the most important methods to historical and current documentation of emotions, people, events and real-life happenings. This is all a part of storytelling; it captures these real events in camera as images that tell a story in a narrative fashion for the growth, change and development of society.






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Fine art Photography is photography that is created in harmony with the vision of the artist as photographer. It stands as a representational photography that is literally a re-presentation of objective realities rather than subjective intent of the commercial. Where the prime focus and intention is only to create art for the sake of creation itself. "Detail" is an ongoing artistic project consisting of works from a variety of photographic styles and categories that are combined in experiment and made abstract to create and conjure something entirely new and different.

This project allows me artistic freedom and expression free from commercial structure and expectancy. It is, at the leading edge, firstly about the artist. It isn’t necessarily about what the camera captures, but rather what the artist has envisioned or seen. It is then captured using the camera as a tool or medium, to create the work of art. The camera is used to reveal the vision of the artist as a statement or to document a concept or idea through the lens.





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