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Documenting real-life events to create a factual report on a specific subject, Documentary photography can be an emotional roller-coaster as the photographer captures all the emotion and storyline in camera. Documentary means that it occurs naturally, as in without a script. Documentary photography refers to a form of photography used to chronicle significant events, usually with a team of creatives, film-makers and technical support. It is typical that documentary photography be covered as part of professional photojournalism and real-life address.

Documentary is an important category of photography which uses the recording of history, drawing emotion and sharing truth to inspire change and growth. This is what makes photography one of the most important methods to historical and current documentation of emotions, people, events and real-life happenings. This is all a part of storytelling; it captures these real events in camera as images that tell a story in a narrative fashion for the growth, change and development of society.





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