Surtee Group – E-Commerce Live Model Shoot
(Product Photography & Fashion Photography)


In 2018 i was commissioned by Surtee Group to photograph a collection of the brands they distribute.
The photographs were captured for their in-house brands e-commerce website (Levisons), on the second shoot day the focus was on fashion portrait photography.
The models were styled by the in-house team and we created a collection of different images,
we shot individual shots of shirts, jeans, shoes on live models and we also shot clean editorial high-fashion photographs for the home and showcase page on their website.

  Personal experiences:

 Working with a team of professionals made this shoot stand out - the make up artist and the models were hired from Lampost (a talent management agency based in Johannesburg)
the models were extremely professional and no time was wasted getting into the right poses.

Day 2 & 3 – Model and Editorial Product Photography
On day two and three we focused on photographing the individual products on the models; shirts, jeans, pants and shoes,
in between shots we would style a model with a bag, purse or backpack and setup a lifestyle/editorial style shot - this kept the shoot flowing and interesting.
The setup i used was 2 continuous lights and 4 external flashes, the continuous lights were used as fill lights allowing the art director and marketing team to style the models on set
and between photographs, the diffused flashes were used to light the models, products and eliminate unwanted shadows.
The models were photographed on a large infinity curve allowing a clean white background making deep etching possible.


Surtee Group the Power of Trading

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