PERI - Hatfield Studios
(Architecture Photography)


In 2017 PERI developers constructed Hatfield Studios, student accomodation apartments in Hatfield Pretoria.
They contacted me to photograph the newly developed site as an entry to Construction World Global Awards
– The images were then included in the Construction World Magazine publication.

Published in Construction World Magazine, 2015 awards.

Personal Experience: 

This was an unusual shoot for me as I usually shoot construction for Peri and I normally don’t get to see the finished product. These apartment
blocks were built with bold use of concrete and finished off in record time. Because of this, the building as well as the images were featured in
Construction World Magazine. The building is located in the middle of busy Hatfield, Pretoria and I was without a drone but I was determined to
get a good vantage point. Opposite building, on Burnett street, is Fields shopping center, I contacted building manager and was easily able to
access the rooftop. I had to scale the corrugated steel ceiling for a good vantage point. It was an interesting experience considering not many
people are allowed on the building and I captured a clean composition of the building from this point as there aren't other tall buildings nearby.
Hatfield studios leans toward brutalist architecture with raw exposed concrete and finished with colorful retro aesthetic. This is apparent by the
unique placement of windows and colours used by the entrance. The fusion of styles create a unique modern feel to the building.


PERI Formwork Scaffolding Engineering


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