PERI – Alice Lane Phase III
(Construction Photography)


Alice Lane Phase III is a corporate office in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg - this site is phase III of the office buildings on Alice Lane Street.
This was a prestigious site for PERI as it was the first time they made use of the PERI RCS system (Rail Climbing System) in South Africa.
The RCS system is a self climbing system developed by PERI and was used to build the lift shaft - which is essentially the buildings core - in a fast, efficient and safe manner.

Personal experiences:

This was a site of significance to me as it was one of my first big shoots I did for PERI.
I photographed the site multiple times from the base level of the shaft and worked through to pre-completion.
Primarily working with the PERI site engineer, Johan van Dyk, with his guidance i learnt a lot about construction and was able to create a
great collection of images
In 2016 PERI featured one of my photographs of Alice Lane Phase III as the front cover of the PERI Scope magazine.
This was a very prestigious moment for me as it marked my first publication

PERI  Formwork, Scaffolding and engineering.


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