EATON Africa - SHEQ Video
(Health & Safety Induction Video)



 A health & safety video is an instructional video designed to train employees, visitors and users of a building in safety procedure.
These videos generally indicate potential hazards and methods to deal with them, as well as draw attention to environmental factors.
This video was created for EATON Africa, and was produced for Sound Idea Digital by Oliver Karstel.
The purpose of this video is to showcase EATON Africa’s health and safety procedures.

Personal Experience:

 I shot this video at the EATON Africa Johannesburg branch. This was a highly interesting video to shoot.
I was able to observe the inner workings of the EATON factory – their manufacturing plant features everything from incredible automated industrial-size machinery,
all the way down to their workshops in which teams of industry experts weld specialised EATON products by hand.


 EATON Africa

Equipment Used:

 Canon 6D, Tamron 15-30 f2.8, Canon 50mm 1.8 Mark II, Canon 85mm 1.8, Canon 24mm TS  


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