Braviz Fine Foods
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I was contacted by a previous client of mine, to photograph Braviz Fine Foods, a rib preparation factory in Fourways, Johannesburg.
Bravis fine foods prepares pre-cooked ribs for multiple clients in the food industry.

Personal experiences:

I worked  closely with and old client of mine Taryn and the owner of Braviz Fine Foods,
Dragan to photograph the factory as we walked through the entire production process.
The production process includes processing of frozen product, cooking, basting, packing to final serving.
We then visited Dragan’s restaurant - Smokehouse Grill - in Fourways, Johannesburg and sampled the final product.

The factory featured an array of GEA machinery used to produce their final product.
The emphasis of the shoot was to highlight the production size and capabilities of the factory as well as  their compliance with international safety regulations to ensure positive entry to expand into international markets.


Braviz Fine Foods


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