Oliver Karstel is a freelance creative consultant, and entrepreneur based in Pretoria, South Africa. He excels in the fields of photography, videography, music production and graphic design. While specialising in commercial architecture and construction photography, Oliver also produces corporate, marketing and events videos. Music production, sound design and graphic design are additional specialisations. Oliver is a studious and keen creative content professional with a passion for capturing structural beauty, detail and the avant-garde. His style can be described as clean and surgical with affectionate attention to detail.



Construction World 2015
Construction World 2016
PERI Scope magazine South Africa 2015
PERI Scope magazine South Africa 2016
PERI Scope magazine South Africa 2017
PERI International Calendar 2017
PERI Handbook 2017
Mercedes Benz Rust and Dust Magazine 2017
INSPADES Magazine 2016


Internationally recognised Diploma in Professional Photography (Cum Laude)


6 Years Photography
5 Years Video production
6 Years Music production
3 Years Design
3 Years Marketing

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